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About Us

Under the Thyme logo, you’ll notice the words ‘a pinch of perfection’ and at Thyme we offer just that.

From the moment we opened our doors in November 2001, we have brought to you the finest, freshest ingredients.

All our catering is prepared on the day of delivery and we strive to bring to you the freshest ingredients sourced from local suppliers whenever we can. Our rolls are delivered warm to our door each day. Our coffee beans are brought to us freshly roasted from the wonderful Avenue Coffee and then we grind them just for you.

Thyme has so many things to offer you, whether it’s for Business lunches, breakfasts, coffees and teas or buffet and canapés for special occasions. Thyme believes that fresh is best. Every morning the Thyme team are busy making our special coleslaw, slow roasting our balsamic mushrooms and sweet cherry tomatoes and doing everything we can to bring that pinch of perfection to all our ingredients, just for you. With touches like that, you can see why Thyme is indeed, 'a pinch a pinch of perfection